Welcome to the Fellowship Student Ministry! We at FSM want pre-teens, teens, young adults, and their parents to know they are loved and a valued part of who we are as a church body. From the 6th grade until High School graduation, students grow an incredible amount emotionally, mentally, and physically. We want to make sure students’ spiritual growth matches and even exceeds other areas in their lives and help students learn to teach themselves. And we do all this with a bit of goofing off, some hanging out, and a lot of fun.

What We Talk About

Central to everything we do at FSM is UP, IN, OUT. We make opportunities to move UP by focusing our lives on God, IN by living day-by-day in Christ, and OUT by intentionally sharing God’s love with family, friends and the world. So while our topics may vary, we bring every point back to Focusing UP (seeking God with all we are and all we do), Living IN (choosing each day to follow and become more like Jesus Christ), and Moving OUT (intentionally sharing God’s love and story with our friends, family, and the world).

We are well aware that some topics may be inappropriate for pre- and early teens (and uncomfortable for parents). We are very cautious in these discussions while being very biblical in our approach. This means we’ll talk over some topics with everyone in the room and others with only select groups. Students need safe environments to hold these discussions and FSM creates these environments for this purpose.

We are also aware that pressures students face today are distinct and different from the pressures teens faced even five years ago. Topics we talk about are culturally relevant to current students and not necessarily what our adult leaders dealt with when they were in Middle School.

When We Meet

The Fellowship has two campuses and specifics can be found on the FSM | MJ and FSM | TR pages. However, both campuses have a mid-week service designed just for students that meets on Wednesday evenings and LIFEgroups (small group Bible Studies) on Sunday evenings.