Love Out Loud

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

– Matthew 28:19

Sometimes called the marching orders for followers of Christ, these words of Jesus have such a clear message. And while believers are instructed to grow in Christ and in fellowship with other believers, we are directed to move beyond the huddle and into the many cultures around us.

Part of our vision for The Fellowship is to help people in our church community find opportunities locally, nationally and Internationally to share the Love of Jesus. We will do this by being intentional with our resources, talents and time.

Love Out Loud is about putting people in a place for them to personally show the world the Love of Christ.

How we share financial resources in Love Out Loud

  • Community Outreach/Block Parties 25% 25%
  • North American Mission Board (NAMB) 10% 10%
  • International Mission Board (IMB) 20% 20%
  • Team Fellowship Local Mission Projects 20% 20%
  • Mission Trips Nationally 10% 10%
  • Mission Trips Internationally 15% 15%
  • Total 100% 100%

Join the Fellowship as we minister to those in the Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. Local opportunities provide a great place to serve, especially for those who’ve never tried missions. We will engage our immediate culture by showing and sharing the love of Christ.

Many in the world think of the United States as a “Christian” nation – and sadly, this is not the case. From the high-desert west to the low-land swamps, from the techno-advanced cities to the farms still tilled by oxen, our countrymen need Jesus.

One of the coolest things about the love of Jesus is that it translates so well into any language. The Fellowship works with hundreds of other churches in supporting foreign missions and also encourages our people to minister in other countries with more than just their wallet.